About Us


Silver Comet Stitchers Quilt Guild officially organized June 19, 2006 when three long-time quilters,
Linda Patton, Barbara Stevens, and Sarah Sorenson, hosted a meeting to see if there was interest
among others in the community to form a Paulding County guild. Not knowing if anyone would attend,
the three founders of the guild recall joking about where to go to dinner if no one showed. That evening
it was standing room only in Linda's quilt shop with 28 quilters attending. From a desire to meet,
inspire, and quilt with other quilters; the rest is history. Silver Comet Stitchers formed and is growing each year.


The purpose of the guild is to promote and preserve the art of quilting. Through fellowship, the guild
intends to benefit and educate those interested in all forms of the art by sharing knowledge and by
encouraging the high standard of design and technique. 


Silver Comet Stitchers welcomes ALL.  From beginner to master quilter - please visit and join the guild and keep quilting alive.  




President:  Sherry Byrd

Vice President: Amy Dement

Secretary: Sharon Faucett

Treasurer: Kimberly Danielsson


Sunshine: Mikki Betker

Special Projects: Brenda Hottinger

Membership: Sally Smothers

Hospitality: Donna Cole

Charity: Carole Forzono

Historian: Theresa Bechler

Publicity: Pat Johnson

Ways and Means: Sharon Beaulieu and Mary Chastain